As administration professionals, everyone at Shore Based Pursers is fanatical about detail;
we love to create order and structure from chaos.


Specialist Administration Skills

Our team has a marine-based operational background and we offer company-wide proficiency in MS Office, accounting software such as Xero and Quickbooks, and a variety of document management systems. All team members speak English as a first language, and our team is able to communicate in a number of other languages.

Technology enables us to perform our tasks remotely, so our clients experience no difference between a member of our team operating virtually and someone being physically present on board.


Representing Your Yacht in a Personal Way

We communicate with other parties on behalf of the boat as if we were on board. To do this, we are
usually assigned an email address (or several addresses) such as purser@yourdomain, so it appears to
the outside world as if we're just another member of the crew.

It is the same for telephone calls. We assign the purser department of your yacht one of our DDI lines.
Our switchboard system identifies and classifies incoming calls enabling us to answer accordingly with
the yacht’s name, in the style and tone you prefer.


Your Privacy is Paramount

Shore Based Pursers excels in the flawless execution of multiple projects with absolute data security
and strict confidentiality at the heart of everything we do. With respect to the private nature of the
work that a purser undertakes, further amplified by the confidential nature of yachting,
we are accustomed to working under non-disclosure agreements.

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