Shore Based Pursers allows a superyacht’s captain and senior crew extra time in their busy working days to do more of what they need be doing: ensuring the owner and guests are having a fantastic time in a safe environment.

The Shore Based Purser team ensures that the yacht’s administrative affairs are in professional, capable hands, without taking up valuable cabin or desk space on board.

We provide the captain and owner with a flexible Shore Based Purser service that is tailored to each client’s preferred way of working. We can be as removed from oras involved with the rest of the crew as required and the role can be full-time, purely for specific projects, as relief to an on board purser during leave, or a mixture of the three.

We make a point of building a solid relationship with each yacht’s captain and crew, learning how they like to work so that we can provide the maximum assistance in the smooth running of the yacht’s operation.


General Administration

  • Design and creation of administration systems
  • Accounts and bookkeeping
  • On board cash expense reports
  • On board credit card expense reports
  • Budget and forecasts
  • Data management
  • Call handling
  • Diary management


Crew Administration

  • Employment contracts and job descriptions
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Visa/immigration paperwork
  • Timesheets and leave calendars
  • Training courses
  • Preparation of monthly payroll (including gratuity and bonus payments)
  • Annual salary review and salary tracking
  • Crew documentation management



  • Port authorities and maritime authorities
  • Customs and revenue
  • Onshore based parties
  • Subcontractors, stakeholders and third parties


Procurement, Provisioning & Logistics

  • Catering: Food and beverage
  • Equipment: Emergency (medical, health and safety, life support equipment)
  • Equipment: Departmental (galley, engineering, service etc)
  • Clothing, uniforms, PPE
  • Fuel bunkering


Vessel Specific Administration

  • Logs, contact lists, timesheets, notices and manuals
  • Emergency information (procedure notices, contacts, etc.)
  • Licence and ticket applications or renewals
  • Inventories
  • Insurance policies


Guest Services

  • Contacts and itineraries
  • Concierge services
  • Entertainment
  • Transport and accommodation


Project Management

  • As required with requested scope of services

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